Vice Presidents

VP of Communications: Nimra Shahid is a second year English and Linguistics undergraduate at King’s College London. She has previously interned for an international public relations firm, the BBC and various other media outlets. Exposure to emerging markets in a global climate sparked her passion for Islamic finance and how the ethics behind its economic system, could play a role in changing consumer behaviour and marketing trends. With these interests as a foundation, she aspires to contribute to the development of human capital and the creation of campaigns, which can transform the profile of the industry.

VP of Communications: Rahat Siddique is the co-founder of the Islamic Finance Society at LSE. Alongside studying her B.Sc. Economics degree at the institution, she has hosted notable economists, including Professor Ha Joon Chang and Nobel Laureates, Lars Peter Hansen and Eric Maskin. Her interest lies in the role Islamic Finance can play to address economic inequality and reduce poverty in the Muslim world, in order to create a fairer and more just society. She is an avid blogger and is currently writing an article for the Guardian on the sustainability of Islamic Finance. Rahat is also looking to complete a peer-reviewed research paper on the future of Islamic Finance in Iran this year, alongside her studies.

VP of Events: Zahrah Rashid is currently reading her final year of LLB Law at SOAS. She is working with the Women in Islamic & Ethical Finance Forum to further promote gender equality within the sector and is keen on exploring the way women are perceived in the industry. Additionally, she volunteers at the SOAS Law Clinic and is the Arab Law Students Association’s careers officer. Her interests lie in Islamic law, comparative law and alternative, ethical financing solutions. In particular, she is interested in the increasingly visible role of Islamic Finance in South Asia and the West and its ability to maintain its Islamic ethics whilst working within the conventional financial system.

VP of Finance: Aaishah Ahmed is a student at SOAS whose experiences in both the banking and NGO sectors have allowed her to recognise the challenges in the current economic system. She believes that Islamic finance could provide a viable alternative, helping to nurture a more sustainable process of ethical economic development.