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Board of Governors (5 members:)

Akhtar Mohammed is the founding member of the IFES. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2011 with a B.A. majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. Upon graduation he lived in Singapore for a year where he completed the CIMA Diploma in Islamic Finance and continued his research in  Islamic Finance, Banking, Trade and Economics. He is currently a 3rd year LLB student at SOAS.  He is writing his dissertation on, “An Interlegality Approach to Sukuk Regulation in Malaysia”.  Upon completion of his LLB (expected 2015) he is planning on completing a LLM in International financial regulation, specializing in how Islamic financial principles can be used with International financial regulation and vice versa, without compromising the integrity of Islamic finance. A byproduct of this process would be to further professionalize the industry. Akhtar will also contribute as a researcher.

Mohammad Mehmood is a final year LLB student at SOAS. He served as the Treasurer of IFES from 2013-2014. He is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of the SOAS Law Journal, SOAS University’s student Law Journal and is the SOAS Law Society’s Law Clinic officer. His interests lie in contract law, Islamic law, comparative law and public law. Possessing a passion for law, politics and finance, he aims to discuss how Islamic ethical principles can enhance the financial system in the UK, and add further insight into political discourse.

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Ismail Jelaini is pursuing further studies in Political Economy at King’s College London after interning with the Rt Hon David Lammy MP at the Houses of Parliament. This professional and academic experience will be combined with a Diploma in Islamic Finance. He has spent 5 years teaching students of various age groups. Through this experience, he helped develop a database and an assessment system to help improve the experience of over 600 students at a supplementary school. He has also helped develop a syllabus that is now used internationally. This has allowed him to start his own company in 2012. Satifs Institute is focused on delivering seminars on both academic and contemporary issues. Ismail has been able to deliver courses to almost 400 students since the foundation of the company. Satifs has also entered the realm of ethical financing on the basis of Takaaful by providing interest-free loans to university students. This is combined with upcoming projects which will provide alternative methods to financing loans and ethical modes of Insurance which will launch in 2015. Ismail was also a delegate at the World Islamic Economic Forum and has been invited nationally to deliver courses on financing tuition fees.