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The Art of Riba-Free Banking and Finance

Tuesday 3rd November 2015
SOAS DLT, Main Building

The Islamic Finance and Ethics Society are proud to be hosting Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman, who will be addressing the practice of usury (Riba) and its prohibition in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The financing model adopted by LARIBA, America’s first Riba-Free National Bank, will be described and compared to the common interest-based approach with particular reference to the 2008 Banking Crisis.

Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman is the chairman and CEO of LARIBA, Bank of Whittier in the United States. He started LARIBA in 1987, the country’s first full service Riba-Free National Bank and is known as ‘the father of Islamic Banking’ in North America. Yahia studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin and International Finance at the University of Texas. His most recent book, The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance, was on Amazon’s bestsellers’ list and an expanded second edition is now available from John Wiley. Yahia is a prolific speaker, lecturer and author of papers on Riba-Free banking and finance throughout the world.

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