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Introduction to Islamic Financial Transactions: Ustadh Safaruk Chowdhury

Every Thursday from the 8th October
Room B104, SOAS (University of London)
Join us as we take an introductory look at the financial products that form the basis of Islamic Finance and how these financial products and transactions are utilised for engineering personal odes of finance and trade systems for Muslims to engage in.

Ustadh Safaruk Chowdhury obtained a BA in Philosophy from King’s College London, a diploma in Arabic from Al-Azhar, Cairo, a distinction in his MA in Greek Logic and Qur’anic Arguments and a PhD in Sufism, both from SOAS.A former lecturer at Birkbeck and SOAS, Ustadh Chowdhury has taught extensively on the theory of knowledge, theology and world religions.

He will be covering a selection of subject areas including the Principles of the Islamic Economic System and the Importance of Fiqh.

Course Aims:- To introduce students to the Islamic Contracts
– To introduce students to major sale contracts within Shariah used as finance instruments
– To outline what is meant by Islamic Finance
– To outline the ethics, rules and regulations regarding UK and international Shariah finance as a discipline

Week 1: 8th October
– Importance of fiqh and learning the integrals of every action
– Principles of the Islamic economic system
– What is Islamic Finance?
– Key aims, areas and principles

Week 2: 15th October
– Contracts in Islam – pillars and conditions
– Key sales Contracts in islam related to the contractual parties, object of sale etc.
– Ethics of trade and business

Week 3: 22nd October
– Key contracts – insurance, warranties, forez trading, options, future trading

Week 4: 29th October
– Home purchase schemes (mortgages)

Week 5: 5th November
– The Summary & General Q&A

The textbook can be purchased prior to the course: Introducing Islamic Financial Transactions: Outlining Contemporary Shariah Compliant Personal Finance Products. There are no written exams or mandatory assessments.

IFES Course Poster

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