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Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion – Dr. Habib Ahmed

Dr. Habib Ahmed, Professor of Islamic Finance at Durham University, will be speaking about how the principles of Islamic Finance facilitates financial inclusion.

The core principles of Islam lay great emphasis on social justice, inclusion, and sharing of resources between the haves and the have nots. Islamic finance addresses the issue of “financial inclusion” or “access to finance” from two directions – one through promoting risk-sharing contracts that provide a viable alternative to conventional debt-based financing, and the other through specific instruments of redistribution of the wealth among the society.

About Dr. Habib Ahmed:
Before joining Durham University as the Sharjah Chair, Habib Ahmed was Manager, Research and Development, Islamic Banking Development Group, The National Commercial Bank (NCB), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He also worked at Islamic Research & Training Institute of the Islamic Development Bank Group, Saudi Arabia and taught at the University of Connecticut, USA, National University of Singapore, and University of Bahrain. He has been a member of the Capital Adequacy Working Group of Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) which is responsible for, among others, setting standards and guidelines for Islamic banks and financial institutions.

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