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An Introduction to Islamic Finance

An Introduction To Islamic Finance – Tarek El Diwany
Islamic Finance and Ethics Society – SOAS
Friday, November 15, 2013
7:00 PM to 7:15 PM – Refreshments
7:15 PM to 9:00 PM (GMT) – Lecture and Q&A
Room G50 – SOAS Russell Square Campus

This year was the first time that the World Islamic Economic Forum was held outside of a Muslim country and it was at this event that Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the UK government may soon offer an Islamic Bond (sukuk). With all the interest surrounding Islamic Finance it is fundamental to understand what is it all about.

The Islamic Finance and Ethics Society at SOAS will be hosting Tarek El Diwany, he is the senior partner at Zest Advisory LLP, to provide an introduction to Islamic Finance. He graduated in Accounting and Finance from the University of Lancaster in 1985, and in 1989 was invited to establish a bond derivatives dealing desk at Fulton Prebon in London. In 1995 Tarek established the firm’s Islamic finance department, advising on the structuring of Islamic financing for clients in the Middle East, Europe and South-east Asia. Tarek has been closely involved in the development and promotion of Islamic home finance for several years. Working with Ansar Finance Group and Lovells law firm in the United Kingdom, he helped to develop the Western world’s first commercially implemented debt-free Islamic home financing scheme.

A long-time advocate of monetary reform and commodity money systems, Tarek is the author of the policy paper “Monetary Reform in Malaysia” (2005) and has appeared alongside well-known reformist thinkers in a number of print publications and documentary films including People First Economics (2009) and The Four Horsemen (2011).


Tarek El Diwany’s – Introduction to Islamic Finance Presentation – PDF


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